Why do we need a new notes app?

With so many of them out there, “why do we need a new notes app?” is a valid question. The short answer is: because existing ones are either too basic, too complicated, or too annoying.

Let me explain.

1. We need a notes app that isn’t too basic or complicated

A lot of people just want the ability to type something and add images here and there. The problem is that we have to choose between our naked native text editor, or downloading an app that’s so heavy and complicated that we have to feed it twice a day.

plain vs complicated notes app

🛠 Fix: Notes Genie aims to be the middle ground between these two extremes. You can make and format notes easily, along with add images without getting a migraine. Which leads on to…


2. We need a notes app that can properly handle images

We’ve all experienced messing up our document’s entire layout by adding an image, right? We need an app that lets you add and resize images easily, without having to take too many steps.

🛠 Fix: With Notes Genie you can paste images from your clipboard and easily resize them by dragging the corner.

resizable images


3. We need a notes app that lets you easily format text

I’ve noticed that even in some of the most popular and highly appraised apps, formatting text could be made easier. I want to quickly bold or underline my notes, without having to move my mouse across the screen too much.

🛠 Fix: When you select text in Notes Genie, a panel pops up underneath that lets you bold, underline, italicise or highlight that selection. Simple and elegant!

styling panel


4. We need a notes app that isn’t annoying

A lot of the time I want to make a quick note, without being assaulted by a dozen popups begging me to update, download or rate something.

I understand that version 10.345 is very exciting for you and your team, and I need to go download it now. But must this announcement take up the whole screen and startle me like a ghost at the side of the road? And now I’ve forgotten what I wanted to write down because I spent too long closing 10 popups.


🛠 Fix: Updates are automatic in Notes Genie, and you can rate us if you want to. It’s a popup-free haven.


5. We need a notes app that is sleek and beautiful

Having amazing features isn’t enough anymore — the app must also be beautiful. This means no clutter, no confusing layout, and a soft color scheme. I don’t want to feel like I’m in a crowded nightclub while taking notes.

garish notes app

Okay, maybe it isn’t this bad, but you get the idea

🛠 Fix: Notes Genie has a sleek design and offers several unique themes that won’t burn your eyes.


Those are the main reasons why we need a new notes app, and why Notes Genie is being built. It isn’t another carbon copy app — instead, it takes the best parts of existing ones and fixes the parts they slept on.

If you’re interested in Notes Genie, you can sign up to be notified on its launch here!

If you have any questions, you can contact us here!

Notes Genie: The Simplest Notes App